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Revised September 2006 - Please report any correction to Karen Alaburda.

Teachers at Naugatuck High School are committed to communication with parents and the community. Many teachers and parents feel that email is the most efficient means of communication. Please be aware that the district is working on the email filtering software which may at times block some email addresses. If you have emailed a teacher and have not received a response in a timely manner, the teacher may not have received your email. As always, you can leave a voicemail message for the teacher or contact your child's guidance counselor by phone and they will follow up with the teacher for you. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

8/24/2006 N.H.S. Faculty & Staff Directory of Rooms, Phones, Voice Mail & Emails 2006 - 2007
Name or Department Rm. # Voice Mail # Phone # Email Address Department / Position
Adult Education C109/C104 5282 720-5282 Continuing Education
Ms. Alaburda J119 5420 720-5420 alaburdk@naugy.net Secretary/Principal
Mrs. Aldred Café Office 5279 720-5279 aldreda@naugy.net Café/ Director-Food Service
Alternative Education AE113 2010  
Attendance J113 5418 720-5418 Security/Attendance Office
Ms. Barakat C109/C104 5282 720-5282 barakatj@naugy.net Continuing Education/Secretary
Mrs. Barbarito J209 2117 barbarij@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mrs. Binette AE126 720-5443 binettek@naugy.net Teacher-Assistant/ IVP
Mrs. Birkenberger J122 5423 720-5423 birken@naugy.net Secretary/Computer Room
Mrs. Black J227 2008 blackk@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Business
Mr. Blum J118 5479 720-5479 blumr@naugy.net Social Worker
Mrs. Bly J219 2057 720-5286 blym@naugy.net Teacher/Resource Room
Mrs. Bonczek J106 2011 bonczekp@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mrs. Bonessi J113 5403 720-5403 bonessin@naugy.net Secretary/ OSA /Judd House
Mr. Bozenski G100 5413 720-5413 bozenske@naugy.net Security /Director
Mrs. Brennan J116 2036 brennanj@naugy.net Teacher/English
Ms. Brodeur G100 5426 720-5426 brodeurd@naugy.net Secretary/Dean Student Affairs
Mrs. Buckmiller GYM 2013 720-5291 buckmilr@naugy.net Teacher/PE
Mrs. Burgess J202 2014 720-5284 burgessa@naugy.net Teacher/Resource Room DH
Ms. Butkus C100 5425 720-5425 butkusj@naugy.net Secretary/Athletics/E.Mezzo
Mrs. Buzzelli G203 2001 buzzella@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mr. Callahan J224 2019 callaham@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mrs. Campbell J114 2015 campbelc@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mr. Carino J204 2016 carinoj@naugy.net Teacher/English
Ms. Casella J221/ AE107-A 2017 720-5295 casellal@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Business DH
Mrs. Cassani C202 2004 cassanil@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Chrzanowski AE118 2050 chrzanor@naugy.net Teacher/Art
Mrs. Chuckrey G206 2141 720-5431 chuckrea@naugy.net Teacher/World Language DH
Coaches Gym/POOL 720-5290 a
Mrs. Connal G204 2005 connalbo@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mr. Corbett AE113 2010 corbettg@naugy.net Teacher/Alternative Ed.
Mrs. Crane AE107-A 2000 cranem@naugy.net CAREER COORDINATOR/AE
Mrs. Creddo J120 5424 720-5424 creddom@naugy.net Secretary/Guidance
Mrs. Cruz G209 2023 cruzr@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
MS. Daigle J110 2088 daiglem@naugy.net Teacher/English
Miss D'Amato C105 2075 damatoj@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mrs. DaSilva G100 5426 720-5426 dasilval@naugy.net Secretary/Dean Student Affairs
Mrs. DaSilva J211 2021 dasilvam@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mr. Decosta J111 2024 decostae@naugy.net Teacher/English
Ms. DeMarest J222 2041 demaresm@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Ms. Deppen J216 2131 deppend@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mr. DeRubertis J212 2027 deruberr@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Ms. Devino J107 2029 devinol@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mr. DiLorenzo J210 2032 dilorens@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mr. DiStasio J120-D 5407 720-5407 distasij@naugy.net Guidance Counselor
Mrs. DiStasio C209 2033 distasil@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Ms. Divilio J126 2044 diviliom@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Marketing
Mrs. Doherty AE124 2153 720-5294 dohertyd@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Culinary
Mrs. Dunn J109 2030 dunnm@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mr. Dunn GYM 2152 720-5289 dunns@naugy.net Teacher/PE & Health
Ms. Dupre G211 2046 duprek@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mrs. Dyson J218 2035 720-5286 dysonl@naugy.net Teacher/Resource Room
Miss Edwards J225 2069 edwardsj@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Evans CAFÉ 5446 720-5446 evansj@naugy.net Café/Manager
Mrs. Ferreira J115 5420 720-5420 ferreirl@naugy.net Principal
Mrs. Fitzgerald C203 2007 fitzgera@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Ms. Foehl AE104 2037 foehlb@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Home Ec
Mrs. Garbarino RC 2040 garbarib@naugy.net Teacher/Tutor
Mr. Gaulin J217 2054 gaulinj@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Ms. Giulilno G208 2127 giulinok@naugy.net Teacher/Health
Goodyear Lect. Hall G105  
Mrs. Gordon J105 2042 gordonc@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mrs. Gray G104 2043 graym@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mrs. Green Gym 2045 720-5291 greenl@naugy.net Teacher/PE
Mrs. Grella RC 5430 720-5430 grellab@naugy.net ( AV / Media
Capt. Grunwald AE122 5293 720-5293 grunwalm@naugy.net Teacher/ROTC
Mrs. Guglielmo J207 2047 guglielk@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mr. Guthrie C103 2048 guthrien@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mrs. Hanks J109-A 2100 720-5419 hankss@naugy.net Teacher/Resource Room
Mr. Hanley C206 2049 hanleyw@naugy.net Teacher/Transitional
Mr. Harte J112 2020 hartem@naugy.net Teacher/Special Services
Mr. Isaacson G101 2055 isaacsoj@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mr. Jones C101 2052 jonesr@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Dr. Kachergis G102 2009 kachergk@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Miss Keefe C200-C 2006 720-5422 keefer@naugy.net Teacher/Math DH
Miss King J102 2012 kingc@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mr. Kirkby J214 2056 kirkbym@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mr. Klimaszewski J226 2143 klimaszj@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mr. Koblyenski AE111-A 2003 koblens@naugy.net Teacher/Art
Mr. Kogut Band Rm 2038 720-5442 kogutr@naugy.net Teacher/Music-Band
Mrs. Kulmann AE102 5440 / 5441 720-5440/ 5441 kuhlmane@naugy.net Nurse's Office
Mrs. LaGrave AE126 5443 720-5443 lagravn@naugy.net Teacher/ IVP
Miss Lancaster G106 2103 lancastb@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mr. LaPlaca J208 2022 laplacam@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mr. Leary J103 2060 learyj@naugy.net Teacher/English
Nr. Leona Drama Coach
Mr. Loomis GYM 2086 720-5289 loomisa@naugy.net Teacher/PE/Heatlh
Mr. Macary AE101 5295 720-5295 macaryg@naugy.net Teacher/AE -DH
Mr. Maccarella C204 2064 maccarea@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Macdowall C206 2002 macdowak@naugy.net Teacher/Tranaitional
Mrs. Magnuson G100 5403 or 5426 720-4426 magnusoc@naugy.net Dean of Student Affairs
Mrs. Mahan G202 2067 mahanj@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mrs. Mariano Café Office 5279 720-5279 marianod@naugy.net Café/Secretary-Food Services
Mrs. Matthews RC 5430 720-5430 matthewc@naugy.net Library Media
Mrs. Mazzola AE128 7204 720-7204 mazzolaj@naugy.net Teacher/ IVP
Mrs. McInvale AE103 2107 mcinvalm@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Video
Mrs. McKenna C100-F 5415 720-5415 mckennam@naugy.net Teacher/Reading Consultant
Mr. McManamy J203 2137 mcmanamt@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mr. Memoli G108 2073 memolia@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mr. Mennillo C102 2074 mennilld@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mrs. Mesaros J119 5656 720-5656 mesarosp@naugy.net Secretary/Associate Principal
Mrs. Messenger J104 2071 messengc@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mrs. Mezzo C100-C 5402 720-5402 mezzoe@naugy.net Dean of Academic Programs
Mrs. Minutillo G207 2018 minutild@naugy.net Teacher/Health
Mrs. Monahan RC 2092 720-5430 monahanm@naugy.net Teacher/Media Specialist
Miss Monte J120-C 5409 720-5409 montel@naugy.net Guidance Counselor
Msgt. Morrone AE122 2078 720-5293 morroneg@naugy.net Teacher/ROTC
Mrs. Mulhall C211 2079 mulhalle@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Nascimento C207 2080 720-5437 nascimel@naugy.net Teacher/Transitional
Mrs. Norcross J118 5417 720-5417 norcrose@naugy.net Social Worker
Mrs. Norcross J108 2145 norcrosj@naugy.net Teacher/English
Ms. O'Brien C213 2083 obrienk@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Paolino RC paolinov@naugy.net Job Placement Coordinator
Mr. Paret G100 5426 720-5426 paretj@naugy.net Security/OSA Aide
Mrs. Pelletier C109 5282 720-5282 pelletih@naugy.net Continuing Ed/Prgm Supervisor
Ms. Perlini RC-D 5435 720-5435 perlinia@naugy.net Psychologist DH
Mrs. Pescetelli RC 5651 720-5651 pescetep@naugy.net Speech/Language Pathologist
Mr. Peterson AE110 5442 720-5442 petersom@naugy.net Teacher/Music
Mrs. Peterson J201 2114 petersoc@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Miss Pham C201 2063 phaml@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Pinto C109 720-5282 pintod@naugy.net Security /Continuing Education
Miss Polcer J101 2136 polcerj@naugy.net Teacher/English
Mr. Pompei C106 5427 720-5427 pompeit@naugy.net Continuing Education/ Director / Athletic Director
Mr. Pruchnicki G100-B 720-5413 pruchnih@naugy.net Security
Mrs. Ramos J218-A 2028 720-5434 ramosc@naugy.net Teacher/Resource Room
Mrs. Reeve RC 2124 720-5430 reevee@naugy.net Teacher/Media Specialist
Mrs. Reho J119 720-5421 rehod@naugy.net Secretary/Main Office
Mr. Reilly J124 2144 reillyt@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Business
Mrs. Rinaldi G205 2091 rinaldil@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mr. Robinson J120-B 5093 720-5093 robinsor@naugy.net Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Robinson AE116 5292 720-5292 robinsop@naugy.net Teacher/Art K-12 DH
Ms. Rochette C100-A 5405 720-5405 rochettj@naugy.net Guidance Counselor /Frosh
Mrs. Rojas G109 2084 rojasb@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mr. Rossi J113 5418 720-5418 rossig@naugy.net Security/Attendance Officer
Mrs. Rossi AE102 5440 / 5441 720-5440/ 5441 rossig@naugy.net Nurses Office
Mrs. Rubbo AE108 2116 720-5292 rubbol@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Child Care
Mr. Rushworth C107 2140 rushworr@naugy.net Teacher/Science
Mrs. Russell C205 2098 russellm@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Rutigliano J120-F 5406 720-5406 rutiglid@naugy.net Guidance Director DH
Mrs. Saam J119-A 5656 720-5656 saamj@naugy.net Associate Principal
Mrs. Salgado J111-A 2169 salgadoa@naugy.net Teacher/ESL
Mrs. Santiago J120 5404 720-5404 santiagv@naugy.net Secretary/Guidance
Mrs. Sauers, R.N. AE102 5440/ 5441 720-5440 sauersd@naugy.net Nurses Office
Mrs. Schacht AE112 5297 720-5297 schachtk@naugy.net Teacher/Skills For Life
Mr. Schelling G100-B 720-5413 schellie@naugy.net Security
Mrs. Scrofani J228 2058 scrofans@naugy.net Teacher/AE-Computers
Security G100-B 5413 720-5413 Security Office
Mr. Segetti G100 5413 720-5413 Security /Guard
Mr. Sendra G201 2061 sendraj@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mr. Sides J215 2106 sidesa@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mrs. Sill C214 2070 720-5434 silld@naugy.net Security - ISS
Mrs. Snyder C100-B 5092 720-5092 snydere@naugy.net Guidance Counselor
Mr. Sorge J206 2051 sorgea@naugy.net Teacher/English
Ms. Spiller G107 2065 720-5298 spillerg@naugy.net Teacher/Science DH
Mr. Stampfle J220 2112 stampflk@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mrs. Stewart J107-A 2113 720-5428 stewarta@naugy.net Teacher/English DH
Mrs. Sullivan G212 2053 sullivaf@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mrs. Swan Gym/G206 5431 720-5431 / 5291 swand@naugy.net Teacher/PE K-12 DH
Mrs. Swanson J229 2093 swansonm@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Szantyr C208 2118 720-5437 szantyra@naugy.net Teacher/Transitional
Mrs. Tata G210 2123 tatal@naugy.net Teacher/World Language
Mr. Tavares J213 2068 tavaresj@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mrs. Tavares RC 2119 720-5653 tavaresa@naugy.net Teacher/ESL
Mrs. Teixeira J117-A 5438 720-5438 teixeird@naugy.net (Sec) Central Treasury Bookkeeper
Mr. Tenney J215-B 2082 720-5285 tenneyj@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies DH
Mr. Uszakiewicz AE111 / AE105 2121 720-5287 uszakiec@naugy.net Teacher/AE
Mrs. Valente C210 2122 valentem@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mr. Vieira Maintanence 720-5445 none (Custodial) Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Walsh J223 2126 walsht@naugy.net Teacher/Social Studies
Mr. Wesche AE109 2128 weschek@naugy.net Teacher/AE
Mrs. Wilcox J230 2044 720-5097 wilcoxn@naugy.net Teacher/Resource Room
Mr. Yuravich J120-G 5408 720-5408 yuravick@naugy.net Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Zguzenski C212 2134 zguzenss@naugy.net Teacher/Math
Mrs. Zirolli W + F RC 5652 720-5652 zirollim@naugy.net Speech/Language Pathologist
Last Name Room # Voice Mail # Direct # E-Mail Address Position
Mr. Brown AE126 720-5443 Paraprofessional/LaGrave
Mrs. Caban RC 720-5655 Paraprofessional/Hanley, Szantyr, Nascimento, MacDowell
Mrs. Durbin J204 720-5286 Paraprofessional/LaGrave
Mrs. Gibbons J219 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Bly
Mrs. Guerrera AE126 720-5443 Paraprofessional/Burgess, Dyson, Wilcox, Ramos, Hanks
Mrs. Hernandez AE128 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Mazzola
Ms. Jones AE126 720-5443 Paraprofessional/LaGrave
Mrs. Kirshbaum AE128 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Mazzola
Mrs. Laggis AE126 720-5443 Paraprofessional/LaGrave
Mrs. Litke AE112 720-5297 Paraprofessional/Schacht
Mrs. Martin AE128 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Mazzola
Miss Olson AE128 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Mazzola
Mrs. Regan J219 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Bly
Mrs. Reilly J218-A 5434 720-5434 Paraprofessional/Burgess, Dyson, Wilcox, Ramos, Hanks
Ms. Ritter AE112 720-5297 Paraprofessional/Schacht
Mrs. Ruocco AE112 5297 720-5297 Paraprofessional/Schacht
Mrs. Sciarretta J219 720-7204 Paraprofessional/Bly
Mrs. Segla J204 5284 720-5284 Paraprofessional/Burgess, Dyson, Wilcox, Ramos, Hanks
Mrs. Wasoka J218 5286 720-5286 Paraprofessional/Burgess, Dyson, Wilcox, Ramos, Hanks

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